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Waco Insurance Claims – Damage May Not Be As Obvious As You Think

One of the big misconceptions about high value property insurance claims is that damage is easy to spot. After all, a collapsed building or burned down house is pretty obvious. However, structural damage caused by natural and accidental events (such as earthquakes or explosions) isn't always obvious. For example, the April 2013 fertilizer plant explosion outside of Waco, Texas caused widespread building and home collapses and broken windows. It also caused less visible damage such as brick veneer and foundation cracks.

Whether your West, TX home collapsed in the explosion or you're noticing unusual squeaks and sticky doors in your Waco home and suspect they're the result of the West fertilizer explosion, a Waco public adjuster can help you navigate the complexities of the insurance claims process – and help you obtain the settlement that you deserve.

Waco Public Adjuster – Serving Policyholders in Waco and West, Texas

If you suspect explosion damage or have any other property insurance claim, a Waco public adjuster can help. We offer comprehensive insurance claims assistance to policyholders throughout Texas and have extensive experience. As a Waco public insurance adjusting firm, we are licensed by the state of Texas and committed to serving the needs of consumers, not insurance companies. Make sure your claim is handled with your best interests in mind by getting a public adjuster on your side.

After major disasters, such as the fertilizer plant explosion, it's not unusual for out-of-state insurance adjusters to swoop in to help settle claims as quickly as possible. While a fast settlement has its appeal, it may not be in your best interest. Would you rather have an insurance adjuster rush through your claim or scour your property for every possible loss? That's one of the big differences between an insurance company adjuster and us. We work for you, helping you to obtain every penny that you're entitled to under your policy's terms.

Damage from explosions, wildfires, and other catastrophes can extend across a large geographic area. While it may seem as though a property is unaffected, seemingly minor cracks and squeaks could be a symptom of structural damage. Claims further from a blast zone, wildfire, or epicenter tend to be more difficult for the average property owner to prove. By having aWaco public adjusterworking on your behalf, you can rest easy while we search for, and document, your covered losses.

We are licensed by the Texas Department of insurance and offer a free, no obligation consultation. Should you use our services, rest assured that we'll work diligently for you. Plus, you don't pay unless we obtain a settlement! Contact us today to learn more.